Welcome to SMSUseNET, usenet with a difference!

450+ Days retention (1-8-2011)
99%+ completion, peering with all major usenet providers
6 threads (no speedcap/thread)
ports 119, 80, 8080, 8088
Encrypted download through SSL (port 563, 463)
Anonymous upload
User configurable accounts (download speed from 4 to 30 Mbit/s)
Guaranteed speed (we do not overbook our service, you pay for xx Mbit/s and you get xx Mbit/s)
Suspend account possibility
Very high uptime, front- & backend servers are fully redundant
We do not charge you for our downtime
no fair use policy, unlimited downloads
Relaxed terms (available on request), no spam allowed and you are responsible of what you do with your account

We offer 1 day / 2 days/ 1 week /30 days and 180 days access to our servers through paypal at 'normal' speed (see below). Make your choice and click on the button below. After payment you will be redirected to our site where you will get your accountnumber and password.
Do not close the paypal window manually no matter how long it takes!
After the payment you will be redirected to our site where you will get your account details. If for some reason you do not get redirected to our site you will receive your account by mail but this may take up to 30 minutes (30 minutes after payment you can also request your account data by filling out the field at the bottom of the page).

Before you can use your account you must first activate it by selecting a speed after logging in on our homepage. Possible choices are:
4-7Mbit/s timefactor 1.6 (selecting this speed will lengthen your account by 1.6, so when you pay for 1 week you get 11 days 4 hours access)
5-20Mbit/s timefactor 1 (this is the speed with which you get access for the stated period of 1day/week/month or 6 month)
7-30Mbit/s timefactor 0.802 (this speed setting will give you access for 0.802 x the stated period)
30Mbit/s timefactor 1/10!! see warning ***

When you select the 4-7Mbit/s speed you can use your account 1.6 times longer (eg 48 days instead of 30 days).
We switch the speeds to low/high speeds;
Monday-friday: high speed during the day and night*, low speed in the evening
Weekends and holidays: high speed in the night and morning, low speed in the afternoon and evening
* indications are for CET (GMT+1), so if you live in a different timezone you might well get the high speed in the evening and the low speed at night.
** if you have more than 1000 credits(eg 7days access or longer remaining) you can also select '20-30Mbit/s' (timefactor 1), select this speed whenever you want more than 4-7Mbit/s and you have more than 1000 credits left on your account.
*** do NOT select the "Fast 30Mbit $$!!" speed!, this accounttype is extremely expensive and not meant for normal use (10x more expensive than the normal speed!), you've been warned! That said, this speed is meant for occasional use, when you are in a hurry and don't mind the higher cost you can give it a try, but only use it when you have paid for 1 day access, or if you don't mind paying the possible cost for changing your speed back to normal after you are ready with your download. If you forget to switch back to your normal speed your account will be out of credits in no time at all.

You can change your speed selection afterwards by logging in on our homepage, but only the first change is free, thereafter speedchanges will cost 155 credits (the cost of about 1 day access at the higher speed settings). You can also suspend your account for 300 credits, to continu later on you will have to re-activate the account.

Server info
Server: news.smsusenet.nl
Allowed threads: 6
Server timeout setting: 120 seconds
Accountsharing: not possible
Xpat: no
Upload: anonymous
Uploadserver*: upload.smsusenet.nl

*upload server: max. 4 threads, no speed limit. Attempting to download from the uploadserver will automatically result in a banned account, so do not enter its address in the program you use for downloading! Threads used on the uploadserver are not counted as threads for downloading, so in total you can use 4 up and 6 down.

Support can be reached at supportAtsmsusenetDotNl, please include your accountnumber in the subject of your mail. Before contacting support please see the statusmessages at the bottom-left on our homepage (dutch only) or our forum. if you see any entries dated today we most likely know of the problem and are working to resolve it. Whenever our servers are down we stop charging credits, and often we also give a few bonuscredits as soon as the problems are resolved.

! Note: PayPal needs 2-3 days to clear a credit card payment over PayPal !

SMSUseNet 1 day access

Price: €1.20
SMSUseNet 2 days access

Price: €2.20
SMSUseNET 1 week access

Price: €3.50
SMSUseNET 180 days access

Price: €47.50
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